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Default Re: Best Aftermarket Chain Tensor

Originally Posted by jared8783 View Post
Yeah I think when someone reads this thread they will walk away more confused then before.
I had to read it a few times so I could be less confused

What is this tube you speak of.
got pics?

and which tensioner are you talkin about fbc's or pirate's

and if this tube is what i am thinking wouldn't you need two of them one for idler side and one for nut side? we could easily make somethin like this with a spacer and a hack say if you are talking about what i think you are talking about

andways i would like to see pics of the slight angle tube thingy (holy crap I typed in thingy and spell checker didnt underline it LOL) so that i know we are on same page
I was referring to corgi1's post:
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Re: Best Aftermarket Chain Tensor
Flat bar w/a slot mounted between both tubes ,,,a tube that fits the idler size bolt ,cut at a slight angle(like the angle of the mounted flat bar compaired to the chain),,,a handful of washers for spacing and the ends of the tubes,,,the angle cut tube would turn around to the chain line and washers would give in/out adjustment and the nut on the bolt would be straight beacause of the other end of the angle cut tube
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I can understand exactly what he is saying.
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