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Default Re: Best Aftermarket Chain Tensor

Yeah I think when someone reads this thread they will walk away more confused then before.
I had to read it a few times so I could be less confused

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
The tube cut at a slight angle fits in between the mounting plate and idler wheel and you can rotate the tube to get the idler wheel to rest in line and true to the drive chain.
What is this tube you speak of.
got pics?

and which tensioner are you talkin about fbc's or pirate's

and if this tube is what i am thinking wouldn't you need two of them one for idler side and one for nut side? we could easily make somethin like this with a spacer and a hack saw if you are talking about what i think you are talking about

andways i would like to see pics of the slight angle tube thingy (holy crap I typed in thingy and spell checker didnt underline it LOL) so that i know we are on same page
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