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Question What About My Questions?

I'm enjoying learning from everybody but what about answers to my questions?

How normal is it for such quick wear on a drive roller?

My next problem is that the front mount keeps twisting no matter how tight I clamp it. This causes the drive roller to move away from being perpendicular to the tire. Is that common with friction drive kits?

The last problem is that my kit required extension bars to move it farther away from the seat. This was needed because my frame has low rear seat stays and the seat down tube is on an angle that is more laid back than conventional bicycles.

The extension bars need to be kept tight. They hold the front part of the friction kit high enough so that the kit can be lifted off the tire when the rear quick release is loosened. My problem is that the motor side of the kit keeps twisting downward which contributes to the roller pressing more on the left side of the tire instead of the center. I'm wondering if I will need to use super glue to make this stop moving. Has anybody else experienced this and solved the problem?

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