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Default Re: The upgrade!! Electra "rat rod" frame mod.

The u-bolt and metal for the rear mount (see 2nd picture) was right in the way of where the chain enters the engines sprocket. As you can see from picture two to picture four the rear mount has been modified. I ended up attatching the kits large tube mount as specified and then just connecting that through my metal plate and bottom u-bolt. I also just had to re-work that bolt that goes through the down tube cause there was way too much pressure. You could see it bending. So that dropped the
motor a tad just to help the air filter clear the bik frame as well as level out. I moved it down also so I could re-drill the downtube so there wasn't as much pessure on the single bolt. It's now kinda assisting and the u-bolt is holding most of the load. All I got left is exhaust and chain but I might née to buy a new chain cause this is a lot more spaced out from engine to sprocket. I'll definately post more pics tomorrow.

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