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Cool Re: 48cc Chinese engine actually works great!!!!

I actually bought the engine off Ebay. Here is the item number so you can check it out: 260251034630. I'm not recommending that you buy from the same place or the same motor because these Chinese ones are notorious for having quirky issues. If you like to mess with mechanical things and fine tuning then you might want to try it as a prototype project like mine is, just to see if you like it or not. I think the whole bike-engine concept is awesome and I am already looking into building my next project. I have already bought the new bike: Scott Sportster Hybrid w/19" 700c rims for $400. Very light and fast on the road. Just need to find the right engine for it.
I was looking for my next engine as I got your reply to this thread and I seem to be leaning toward the Robin-Subaru 4-stroke at Statons website. From my experience at my shop with other engines on ATV's, Dirtbikes, etc. the 4-stroke engines have much better low end torque than 2-strokes. Top speed takes a little longer to reach but so what? I know for a fact that as far as longevity is concerned, a 4-stroke will last FAR longer than any 2-stroke provided proper maintenance is done.
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