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Default Re: MoPOD Mk. III, 66CC

Thanks! I like the windows too. There are actually three, though you can only see two in the pictures. The biggest is over the flywheel, but there's a little one to the right of it, and on the other side there's one over the magneto.
I modded the case. All it took was some careful measuring, a drill, some plexiglass, and some JB Weld. The window over the flywheel was a little trickier because it only clears the case cover by 1/16th" or so. For that one, I used a PVC endcap with the piece of plexiglass cut to fit inside and then carefully JB Welded the thing to the outside of the cover. After that I hosed the covers with brass-colored metal-flake Rustoleum, which holds up really well once it's fully cured. The whole assembly has actually held up surprisingly well.
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