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Default A beginner with plenty of questions. All input is appreciated.

I am a hobbyist by nature. I build all sorts of stuff (mainly ukuleles) and I love to brew beer. I get distracted easily and that is how i ended up here. I was looking for a bike, then i got interested in a three wheel bike thne i thought about a quadcycle then i saw an ad in a sidebar about bicycle motors. So here I am. I've always wanted a moped or scooter and I think a motor bicycle is just what I need. I am an information junkie and a strong believer in the search function but sometimes its hard to get the information that I need.

First off, I would like to do a cruiser. I want a classic style that would resemble an antique motorcycle. It would be mainly black and look tough as **** (this is all in my head). Here are my questions:

BTW if there is an end all be all FAQ that answers these questions please just point the way and I will read it. thanks.

Question 1: Engines/Motors

I want a black 80/66cc motor. I have seen them everywhere for all kinds of prices. Obviously cheaper is better without giving in to poor quality. I've seen some deals on ebay but I want to make sure that I get something good. Most of the online vendors are turning me off with either their high prices or high shipping. So far bikeberry's kit is what I am probably gonna buy unless somebody can enlightened me on a better choice. I cannot tell the difference between the engines other than the names that they are given and I would think that is arbitrary.

Question 2: Bikes!

Bike choice. I see many cruisers around and understand that there are differences. I would like to go the cheaper route ($100) but I'm afraid that I will be encountering other issues (that I don't know of) due to buying a cheaper bike. Please if you could, provide me with some good examples of bikes that can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart, Target (the usuals) ALSO! Is the only issue with oval tubed bikes mounting issues? Seems like some creative work with a U bolt would resolve this.

Question 3: Brakes

Say that I buy something cheap like a Cranbrook. I noticed that it does not have hand brakes. Which makes me wonder what to do for brakes. Even if a bike has the rubber caliper brakes are those good enough and are disc brakes the logical choice.

Question 4: HT

It's been bothering me because I cannot find the definition....WHAT DOES HT MEAN!?!

If you've gotten this far then you are a kind soul and I appreciate the time you took to read this. Thank you.

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