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Cool 48cc Chinese engine actually works great!!!!

Hey everyone. I'm new here...this site is excellent. Great job, you guys. We need this to share ideas and experiences.
I have been using the 48cc Chinese Engine for 2 weeks now for my commute to work 30 miles exactly, round trip. The damn thing has performed flawlessly!!! Yeah...I'm stunned, too.
I was crappin' frogs thinking I blew $175 on a bum engine (we all know how these Chinese ones are hit or miss) but I must have snagged a gem because I bolted it on and aside from the usual irritations like the whining sound (kind of like the whining from all the talking heads in the media avoiding the peak oil issue like the plague), the clutch cable pull that requires you to have the Kungfu Grip (those of you in my age group will remember that one), various nuts and bolts that seem to do this funky random loosening thing (remedied that with Loctite and "real" nuts and bolts.
What is it with stuff from China??
It's like they try to fake us out with this cute little "Imitation" hardware stuff on ALL of their products. I also sell the little Kids 50cc, 70cc 90cc and 110cc ATV's at my shop. They all have the same type of cheapie hardware on them, too. I have to replace some of it after I uncrate them to feel comfortable selling them to the public for safety reasons.
Anyway....thanks for all of the tips everyone, you've been a tremedous help with my new project. Keep up the great work!!!!
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