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Default Re: No more custom sprocket adapters :(

I wasnt trying to say it was a bad move for Jim if that is what anybody is implying

I am just sayin that for those of us who want the best of the best way to attach a sprocket may likely have to spend money on a hub and spokes(unless the hub you are swapping it out for has the same size spoke flange then ya wont need spokes)
and if ya dont know how to lace or true then even more $
and at that point you probably may as well buy a wheel from pirate

in fact i just looked at piirates site and they charge the same price for a complete wheel as my local bike shop charges to lace and true

but yeah I definetly was amazed when i bought my custom sprocket adapter from Jim at how inexpensive it was considering it was made to my specs on a CNC

i guess to sum it all up what i am really trying to say here is

I am going to miss the inexpensive customization.

Thanks Jim for doing it for as long as you did. And am I sure glad I got mine while I could.
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