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Default Re: When do i grow up & motorcyclize ?

I wouldn't put my money into an unknown brand moped. A Chinese engine motor kit is something that can be worked on and fixed easily. Finding parts for an unknown brand of moped with all of its proprietary parts makes such a purchase a bit risky. Transmission parts would be really hard to come by. So would specialized electronics.

I would like to have a real manufactured moped. There just aren't any out there other than Tomos and those aren't the most reliable machines.

I've got about $2000 into my bicycle moped project. That includes two different kits (one motor), the bicycle, and all the fabricating, repairs, and modifying that was needed. With my current knowledge I could start from scratch and do it all for under $600 with a new bicycle and a quality friction drive kit.

As it is, my current moped is almost sorted out to the point it is reliable. I'll keep it.
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