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Default Re: No more custom sprocket adapters :(

I think this is a smart move by Jim and should free him up from the time consumption iof dealing with individual customers, answering questions, making one of this and that. He has better things to do with his time and deserves to make a living without worrying over being able to stay in business from month to month. It wasn't all that long ago that we thought none of his creativity was going to be available as he was going out of business. So I take this as good news for the motorized bicycle community and appreciate that Pirate Cycles was instrumental in helping Jim stay afloat when things looked pretty bleak. This is an example of how dealers and suppliers can work together for the benefit of all. Jim has made superior products and Pirate has built a reputation with superior service, so I'd say this is a good match and is a model for other suppliers and dealers. Nothing wins so well as quality. And yes, wouldn't it be sweet if Jim's engine came to be? Let the 2 stroke live! Made in America, yes!
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