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Default Re: question about 49 and 80cc

When I said my engine was getting harder and harder to start I was refering to kicking starting it. As the compression built from the rings seating it became impossible to kick start. It took more force to push the crank on the bicycle down and still be able to hold it by the seat keeping the rear wheel off the ground. It will still start first time by peddling it and poping the clutch.
Vincent if I were you I would wait untill your engine has gone through it's full break in period, then if your not happy with the performance look on Craigslist under motorized bicycles and find a 66cc/80cc and test drive them to see the differance before investing your cash and time. I know for my needs my 49cc is fast as I want to go on a bicycle. If I wanted something any faster I would not waste anymore money buying a 66cc/80cc. Just sell the bike you have with the 49cc and put that money with the money you were going to spend on another engine and buy your self a used 250cc motorcycle. There all over Craigslist for four or five hundred.
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