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Default The upgrade!! Electra "rat rod" frame mod.

finally switched my whole kit to my rat rod. I sissied out with having to cut the frame and all and bought a cheap bike off craigslist. It was wal-mart junk and I was so bummed i put all that work into a crappy bike. Was a good test run. This time around I kept the frame scratch free. I came up with the simple idea to just cut that gap out and leave it like that.

switched over the whole back wheel cause I had the sprocket lathed to that hub. Also the three speed nexus hub doesn't wok with a sprocket. Had to get new mountain bike tires cause the wal mart exploded on me going thirty five.

the air filter is pretty dang close. I had to grind all the welds down to help give it room. Already had the front moun that I built for the last bike. Used the same style for the front but realized the top u-bole and plate were in the way for the chain by the engine aproxket. I had to use the kit large frame mout, drill through the seat-post, and connect that to te plate with u-bolt. I then had to still cut some of the plate away. It's all G now.

can't wait to finish up tomorrow. Let me know what you guys think. If that 1/4 inch gap for the air filter is enough. Oy yeah btw, I decided to swap finally cause I ordered the new hp air filter and also an expansion chamber from sbp. And I already got the 66cc speed carb. Chee hoo!
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