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Default No more custom sprocket adapters :(

Today is truly a sad day in the world of motorbicycing

This morning I was bored surfin the web and I was on Manic Mechanic's website.


Only dealer orders of 50 or more of an Identical part

Currently his exclusive retailer is Pirate Cycles (I have heard good things about them)

But since his website says he is accepting dealer inquiries there is potential for more.

So since his current exclusive retailer is Pirate I choose to shoot them an email to find out whether or not we are still able to get CUSTOM sprocket adapters or would there me a limited amount of hub sizes available ... and the response was...

"Just a few hub sizes like the nexus 3 speed, the cb-110, the modus 08, and the OCC hub adapter. We sell wheels that accomodate these hub sizes also. The motor mounts will be universal on 90% of the bike frames available. High comp heads and billet intakes will also be on the regular retail list of items for sale."

so to sum it all up if you want a custom sprocket adapter you CANT get it. period

your hub must be one of three sizes

but hey there is a bright side to all of this (at least i hope so)
now that Jim wont be handling a bunch of small custom orders hopefully he will be able to keep pirate well stocked with a variety of sprocket sizes

I know pirate has good reviews so no worries there

for those of you who bought from manic mechanic before know all too well why i say this may be a bright side (you would often wait weeks and sometime months to get a product from manic mechanic)

Less cuztomization available

All in all it is one sad day for the MBer

just my .02
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