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Default Re: 2 tires down, I must be doing something fundamentally wrong here...

2door is absolutely right about the tensioner not sitting in alignment when perfectly vertical, i have run into that problem on my bikes. good call on that one 2door I had forgot about it. just goes to show that no matter how much you mess with these things we can always overlook something that can get us in trouble, thats why we all need to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge on this great forum.

This is off topic but I've got to say it anyway, I just think about all us guys and maybe a few gals that grace this forum each day or maybe just ever once and a while and I just cant help but think that here we are a fairly large number of people that for the most part dont even really know each other most have never met accept here, and wow just think of how we work together and lend a helping hand day after day giving advice and even at times sending $ funds to a fellow biking friend in need who has had a tragedy in their life, it really make me proud to be an American and to just think that over 200 years ago we as a people came from all over the world and help our fellow man with the same ambitions & desires to accomplish all that has been built in this nation, and yea we made some mistakes along the way that is the human condition of not being perfect but, look at how the rest of the entire world has benefited greatly from what we have been able to accomplish as for the most part God Fearing Honoring Red Blooded Americans that care about our fellow man and are willing to lend a hand and share the knowledge we have gained from our own experiences in life, that is what it really means to be an American in so many ways, we have poured more resources, medical aid and money into the rest of the world on a scale that no other country has ever even come close to matching and probably never will and most of them have existed 1000 years longer than we have and some even more, so to wrap this up I just want to say to everyone on this forum that everytime you help your fellow man on here you are carrying on a true American tradition that I truely hope never dies.

God Bless & God Bless America
Sincerely, Shan
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