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Kevlar is right. Poly is tough to repair but if you're sure that it is free of gasoline fumes, COMPLETELY...then it can be 'welded' with a soldering gun. It takes some practice, and it'll stink like h*ll but it can be repaired with some time and patients. I have never found an adhesive that will effectively stick to poluethylene. JB weld is a joke and regular silicone will break down under gasoline. There is one product that you might try before resorting to heat. I've not used it on plastic but it did repair a steel tank that had a crack in a threads in the petcock bung. Look for a product called SealAll. Its available at some auto parts stores and is compatible with gasoline and formulated for fuel tank repairs on lawn mowers, etc. It does require that all oil is removed from the surface so read the instructions before using it. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.
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