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Default Re: 2 tires down, I must be doing something fundamentally wrong here...

Originally Posted by lolitsdaelan View Post
Cool, I'll have to pick up a new wheel, then decide whether I can do without the tensioner with my drop-outs, or mod the tensioner as needed.

Thanks for all the help guys!
You are very welcome, thats what we are all here for, we have all had questions on these bikes and we all just pitch in and help one another, heck I've had loads of help in the last few months since I started tinkering with these things, I wish someone with the skills woul dput together a simple to the point fool proof instruction thread that is set up to go straight to all newbies that join this forum, with simple to read illustrations and so many problems that the new people to this have could be avoided from the get go, I dont have the computer skills to do this but it would be a great tool to prevent accidents and many frustrations for the new guy to the motorized china made 2 smoke engine kits.

good luck and just keep asking questions, it will save you lots of head aches
Sincerely, Shan
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