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Default Re: 2 tires down, I must be doing something fundamentally wrong here...

If you dont use the rubber rag joint "isolator" on both inside and outside of the spokes you will trash the wheel very quickly, when those mounting bolts that go between the spokes are tightened up the spokes are squeezed down tight and mashed into the rubber mounting rings so when under pressure from the engine pulling on the sprocket, they act as one and the pressure is distributed equally between them, so each spoke carries the same load, this is where the strength of this type of set up comes from, if you are tightening the sprocket down against the spokes without the rubber ring being in between it and the spoke here-in lies your problem, get you a good wheel, set it up correctly by putting everything where it should be and make sure that the sprocket is centered on the wheel as it needs to be and you will be go to go provided you mount the tensioner correctly and do as it was mentioned above by fairracing31 and after you get it lined up drill through it and into the tube it is clamped on and put you a small sheet metal screw so that when you pop the clutch starting the engine the tensioner doesnt rotate in toward the spoke and cause you another wheel replacement or a quick trip over the handle bars. good luck, just think it all through and mount that sprocket right on the wheel and you sjould be good.

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