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Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Especially picking it up from a STORE! I could see that from an internet only place (there's a golf club place around here that charges if you ship or pick-up but they're not a real store per-se) but from a shop that sells things over the counter to charge shipping on an item on the shelf is a huge rip off.

If they tried charging me $40 for something I went there to buy they'd better drive it over to my house and give me a ride while they're at it.
Maybe they could buy you a cheese burger and large soda pop on the way just to make it fair......I would go for them delivering it to me with some bonus parts & a T-shirt or something but the deal mentioned above is just as you said "a huge rip off " there is no way an over the counter business can justify that charge.... I had even considered buying my next kit from those guys because they were local on the forum and listed at such a nice price for the kit, but if this is how they do business I'll spend my money with people that treat their customers right.
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