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Default Fuel Leak

My Tanaka PF 3300 gas tank has a crack. It leaks a tiny amount when full. I tried sealing it with Quick Steel which is a two part putty that when mixed gets hot and becomes solid. That fell off.

Next I tried liquid JB Weld epoxy. It worked for a week. Now the fuel has either broken the bond it had with the tank or perhaps the vibration of the motor weakened its grip.

What can be used to seal a tiny crack on a fuel tank? I need to be able to find it locally in a hardware store. I've seen fuel tank repair putty that is just the same as the Quick Steel. Instead of being packaged in a cylinder it is two flat strips of white and black putty. It costs about ten times more because it is only two small strips instead of a thick tube for the same price.

The crack is very short and runs along a seam. I wish the tank were metal instead of plastic. This problem wouldn't be happening. I suppose there aren't too many companies out there making high quality products these days.

A new tank would cost about $30 with shipping expenses. These things aren't exactly standard stock parts so I can't pick one up off the shelf.

Let me know of your successes with stopping tiny fuel leaks.
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