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Default Ready for second bike

Hi guys,
I'm about done with my HT setup. It works just fine, but I think I'd like something better now that I know that I both enjoy it and can rely on it. I'll probably sell my current setup (maybe to one of you guys!) and I'd like to go to both a better bike as well as motor.

It's so hard to get straight info...but here's my questions, and hopefully your answers will include links to the vendor's sites...

I would like to buy an American Made Kit...frame mounted motor. Preferrably 4-stroke. If not American, then please suggest's killing me to watch our economy go down the toilet, and still willingly send money to China, especially for the lousy quailty - you end up spending the same in the end, but maybe I'll be able to cut out some of the aggravation.

I just went to Dax's site...thinking about a Titan because of it's great reputation, but it's OUT OF STOCK. I've seen this also on a lot of his parts, and that hasn't changed for months, that's another concern.

I've also read threads about people buying Honda motors, but then what? I need a way to mount it, gear it, etc. I certainly don't mind getting my hands dirty, but I don't want to fabricate/rig parts.

Anyway, thanks in advance, and vendors: don't be shy! Without insulting other vendors, please tell us why yours is good...

Mark Turkel

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