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Default Re: brands slang?

Originally Posted by jmr3394 View Post
What engines are pks? chs? bgf? help hlep i need an explanation here
I'm not sure what the PK in the PK80 engine kits means, but I believe the "chs" means (China Engines) and "bgf" means (Boy Go Fast) the BGF is the ebay username of a fellow out in california that sells these China Engines on Ebay, I know this because I have bought 3 of these kits from him in the past.

I think Piratecycles sells the PK80 Engines and maybe some of the others sell them too, I think it is just what they call the kits they carry I'm really not sure, but I know the engines are still the same China made engines just like the other kits.

Hope this helps
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