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Default Re: What engine is best for me?

Originally Posted by jmr3394 View Post
ok let me rephrase. What engines are the best quality? I have a china 2 stroke now. Are there any american or japanese 2 stroke engines?
Most of the 2 stroke engines being run by the people on this forum are made in China and from what I see and hear you just as well off getting one brand as the other, some kits come with extra parts and some dont, some kits are backed by a warranty and some arent, so it's really just up to you to decide which kit will meet your needs and wants, quality on all of these engines I think is a crap shoot, you may buy 2-3 cheap kits off ebay and they may all be very good long lasting engines, and then you may buy a higher priced kit with claims of being the very best one and it may be a lemon & a piece of junk........! so I believe if you get the higher priced kit you are buying some customer service assurance and warranty so if you do have an issue you have a much better chance of getting it resolved, the cheaper ebay kits are the same engines but most all of the risk is taken by the buyer and so you just have to figure out if you are willing to take that chance to save a few bucks or go with warranty and customer service if needed. go with the 66cc kit and get a 41T sprocket if you can if you are 215lbs or below and you will have a few hills to climb, I'm 200lbs have several hills to climb and run an older design 66cc straight plugged 6mm studded head engine, I have a 41Tooth sprocket and I cruise real smooth and nice at 25-27mph, and can cruise at 34-35 if I want to really wind it up and bare the vibration of the engine at those rpm's, the vendors who advertise on this forum all seem to be very helpful from what I have seen here, I didn't know about any of them until after I had already bought my kits off of ebay, but I will probably by from a listed vendor from now on so if I do have a problem I want be left out in the cold like you will be if you by from the ebay guys.
Sorry so long, hope this will help, good luck and happy safe riding


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