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Default Replacing Coaster Brake wheel

Ok, so i'm in the beginning of my first build. I say beginning because getting started has become quite a hassle. I have a Cranbrook that at the moment i'm suspicious had the coaster brake hub built by hercules. The Brake arm is not coming off, I can't loosen the bolt, about 5 different people have tried and failed. It sucks, but that's where i'm at. In an effort to get moving on the project, i've already ordered some caliper brakes. My first question is "should I put the brakes on the front or rear wheel"? I'm assuming rear, and I will get another set soon, but if anyone knows otherwise please say so. Also, is it possible for me to use a front 26" wheel and just rebuilt it so that it can still use the sprocket that turns the chain that was on the coaster brake? (yes I can get the bolts off of that side, just not where the brake arm is) Or is it neccesary that I find somewhere I can buy a rear wheel? Thanks for your help guys, I just want to get this thing going and i'm way too stuck at the beginning stages. Thanks!
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