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Default Re: Re-introducing myself

Loookin goood!!!!! nice work.
I went down into the west end on my birthday to order bike parts and check out a new lounge and both turned out to be closed - on my way back i blew out my rear tire
"BOOM" and that was it.

I had to push my bike all the way home and boy was I ever mad because I could not even stop for a nice cold Labatts Blue pilsner beer being that it just happend to the Queen Victorias birthday also!!! I was so mad ,I ended up calling her a toilet beetle!!!

Any way I looked on the brightside and found out that there was four good points.
The problem was not my motor. I burned off lots of calories in the hot Sun of Greatness.
The bolw out happend slow on the side walk and not fast on the street -I could have easily been killed. I learned valuable info- always replace a damadged side wall tire with a new tire -really is a matter of life and death.

The only bad point was that I had to push a bike home across the city.

So, 4 to 1 and I win!!!!
Keep up the good work Jez.
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