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Default Re: spark plug change

Originally Posted by snobord28 View Post
hey I know alot of you out there have changed your spark plug and wire, does it make that much of a difference? what works best? and how is it done? thanks for any help on the subject

I thought I was having electrical problems so I changed mine. My speedo kept reseting, replaced it twice thinking it was defective. I got a NGK BPR6HIX iridium from Discount Auto for 7.99. But be careful because of a clearance problem on some motors because the iridium plug is a little longer. the 49cc are more prone to this but still can happen to a 66cc i think. This is just what I have read on here about the plug. I also took the advice from a fellow mb'er to solder my plug in connectors. Then went to a place locally and bought a better piece of insulated wire and a new water proof cap, which they use on dirtbikes. My motor seems to rev better but I'm still breaking in my motor. It also eliminated my speedo problem. I hope this helps you a little, I'm still learning alot myself with this new hobby. Good luck
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