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Started to finalize everything, I finished the tensioner mount. I don't know how stable it will be but at least it isn't as dangerous as the one that came with the kit.

I also mounted all the ancillary items. The strap for the CDI wouldn't fit on the downtube so I just used a tiewrap. The tiewrap broke an ear off the CDI box which lead me to add another one. I'm sure the strap would have broken it also.

The arc in the top tube isn't all that drastic, but it made the gas tank wobble. I bought some vinyl tubing to use as spacers under the tank. Worked like a champ, the tank is rock solid now. You can see (kinda) how I cut a slot in the head gusset for the front tank strap.

I'm on base turning final, hopefully I can get a test run in the next day or so.
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