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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ???? wasn't too bad to mount, all I used was some re-usable zip ties (can use regular zip ties) a screwdriver and some dish soap.

I started to mount it on the wheel as much as I could with my hand. When trying to get the rest of the sidewall it would just pop off. So I started again just getting as much on by hand, then every I'd say five inches I would use a zip tie. I would use a screw driver to pry the tire on just a inch or so at a time...then add a zip tie so it would not pop off. I just did that till I had it on all they way.

After it was on...I laid it on the ground and used the screwdriver on the side of the sidewall and pushed down to get the sidewall to pop into the wheel. I did that all the way around then the other side. I would do one side then flip it over and do the other...which would also cause the other sidewall to pop out.. but just keep working it and it will go.
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