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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

Originally Posted by cityevader View Post
I got two tires at $28 each, $13 shipping, which is about the same price as regular tires from a retail store. You'll need to remove the tire from your rim in order to measure it....see following link
Bicycle Tires Guaranteed to Never Go Flat
then pick which type of tire you want.
I've now read they're difficult to's a good thing I'm a mechanic with a plethora of tools available!!
I have just bought some...I know some of you may not beleive it, but I got them at Ace Hardware. They only had one but paid for two and have the other on order and they will call when it get's there. They where $25.99...I'm going to mount them on one of my pedal bike's first and see how they do. I only have the front one mounted and so far I don't like the way it feel's. I'll give it some time and test them out before I decide to mount them on my motorized bicycle or just buy two more for the MB. I'll do a update soon.

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