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Default Clutch help needed!!!!

I've got the PowerKing/Zoomcycles 80 (66cc) engine and I've run into a snag with my clutch. Went to adjust the flower nut and noticed that the threads on the threaded shaft that the flower nut screws onto are so badly cut/machined that the threads in the flower nut don't properly engage them. It seems the threaded shaft is simply too small a diameter as compared to the diameter of the threaded hole in the flower nut. When I adjust the flower nut for proper clutch disc clearance and then let go of the clutch arm the flower nut simply pops off the threads. I can't believe I didn't notice this right away. I also can't believe the workmanship is so poor on this vital part. Any suggestions on a fix?

Anyhow, since I got the engine last July btut never got around to trying to mount it until now I figure the warranty thing is out of the question.

So my question is where can I find a replacement shaft and flower nut that will actually have proper threads cut? I don't think Zoom sells small odds and ends like that. Anyone on here have a replacement kicking about that I could buy from them that would fit my engine?

Also just to verify, but I wasn't planning on splitting the cases until I've had some running time on the engine but I guess now I'll have to since there's no way to remove the threaded shaft without the cases being split correct?

If I can't find a replacement I'll have to take the threaded shaft and use my handy dandy tap and die set to cut some new threads (I just hope I have a small enough die set) and use a small nut and fashion a concave shaped washer or cup to act as a flower nut.
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McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.

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