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Default Re: Stinger motor?

the stinger motor (sticker on side) from is the basic HT 66cc motor sold. It's actually from M&M Honda here in Kalamazoo, Mich. I live a couple of miles from them. They have a section of their Honda dealership sectioned off that sells parts for motor cross, and all sorts of sports activities. The staff sells tons of bike motors and parts via their website. I walked in and talked to them when I bought mine and they were great. Gave me extra stuff knowing I was building a tandem. I have had virtually no problem with the engine or kit quality.
Remember, the kit is primarily the same as many others here. I paid (kit, shipping tax) out the door $163. Advertised for $119 at the time. They added about $40 shipping even tho I was there in person, but didn't argue since it was so cheap anyway. I would have paid up to $300 until I found them at this price point.
Support the fellas that advertise on this site. They have good aftermarket parts and really contribute to the evolution of this hobby.

I look forward to the day a MADE IN AMERICA engine is available at reasonable cost. Then I'll buy it and a skid full and be a dealer!!!!! (we'll need em by this December when Gas prices go UP after the election. (in my opinion).

Portage, MI
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