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Originally Posted by Ilikeabikea View Post
Glad you got it going. That Norman is a genius. Even if he's doing methanol therapy he's a genius....................................... ............
lol, yes, he is. He sure helped to guide me. Well I just got back from a ride that took me out of the city limits (I live in a small town), and still no problems like before. I do believe that bending the wishbone prong in the carburetor may have done the trick. It hasn't cut out for 2 days now. I'm REALLY keeping my fingers crossed.

I also got it to idle a little better. Will have to wait and see how it does in the long run. Before it was no fun. Every time I came up to a stop sign it would die and I would have to pedal through the stop sign and start my engine again. No fun.

That brings me to a question. How does everyone take off from a dead start? Do you pedal or just let the motor do the work. I tend to let the motor do the work and just take off slow.
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