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Default Re: When do i grow up & motorcyclize ?

My moped is used for transportation more than any other reason. It is inexpensive and can be parked anywhere. In Montana (where I live) as long as the motor is 50 ccs or less, has a top speed of 30 mph or less, it doesn't need to be registered and no special license is required.

As far as motorcycles go, I've owned a cruiser, a dual sport, and big and small motor scooters. Now I'm down to motorized bicycles. I've liked them all. The bicycle is the least restrictive of the bunch. It can be parked anywhere. It can be carried upstairs and kept inside an apartment. It gets great gas mileage and handles effortlessly.

Not needing insurance or needing to pay annual registration fees is a big bonus. I use about a gallon of fuel per week, maybe less. There are times I would like to have a car to travel in bad weather but that would cost at least $6000 per year. My motorcycle riding suit cost about $700.00 and I spend about ten dollars per week on chemical hand warmers in the winter. Right now I prefer keeping more money in my bank account than having the convenience of owning a car.
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