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Default Re: Friction Drive Kit Questions

Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post
Another problem is the rear motor mount bolts that go into the fender mount holes keep breaking. Each time it does that I must take it apart and put it together with new bolts. Now one bolt broke off and the remainder of it is still stuck in the frame.

My solution has been to create a new mounting point. I've found some thick metal and put holes in it. One big hole goes on the rear axle and the other hole is for the rear support. I drilled it out to hold a bigger 1/4 inch bolt. That should stop the breaking bolts.
You know, just last week I had one of those bolts vanish on me. The strut (or whatever you want to call it. Engine brace?) flung itself into the rear wheel and stopped it cold. Never did figure out what happened to the bolt. Now I have to wonder if the same thing happened to me that is apparently happening to you. Are we possibly applying too much pressure between the roller and the wheel?
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