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Default Re: where can I find the answer on here

So I have a 80/66cc 2 stroke china motor, with less than 60 miles on it. I took the advice and soldered my wires together instead of using the plug in connectors. I changed the stock plug to a iridium, also upgradedthe wire and cap. Since the upgrade in wire and cap, which was a better insulated wire and a waterproof cap my speedo works great- Thanks guys. So after I finished I took it for another test run. My motorized bicycle climbed good all the way to 24 mph. Then I hit a wall again and it 4 stroked back down to 18.9. I could not break that wall, I even drove it around the block a few times to warm it up but no luck. I know it's not the exhaust because my stock muffler was gutted. So I thought maybe the air filter was fudged. I pulled back in the garage and pulled it off and back out I went. Same thing at 18mph, So here I am back to square one. I can say I feel the difference with the electrical fix, it revs better. With me climbing up to 24mph then backing down to 18.9 Could it be my carb? When I hit 18 I still have 1/4 throttle left but when I turn it struggles and bogs down sound like a 4 stroke and all power is gone just putt putt putt..... .
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