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Default Re: Airflow-constricting flange inside my carb...

We're sorry you had to learn the hard way but at least you did learn something. Modifications to these little 2 strokes are something that needs to be done by someone who fully realizes the effects of what they are doing. I'm not putting you down, sir, not at all but when changes are made to a design that has been proven there needs to be a full understanding of the principles involved. This is why we warn against engine modifications of any kind unless you're an experienced engine builder or you have unlimited funds and can afford to replace an engine if things don't work out as expected.
Thank you for posting this here for others to see and read and maybe it will save someone else from making an expensive mistake.
One thing to remember when attempting alterations is to do one thing at a time and then testing to see what the results are. Doing several mods at one time confuses the issue and if something doesn't work you won't know what to avoid next time. Just my thoughts.
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