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Default Re: When do i grow up & motorcyclize ?

one of my oldest friends builds custom motorcycles (his latest is supposed to be featured in an upcoming issue of one of the big mags) and he's one of the new generation of "bikers," (y'know, the tattoo'd up skate-punks that traded in their board for a bike,) and he's heckling me all the time, but in a friendly way, especially since he's building up an old Monark bicycle right now.

he saw me the other day flying down the opposite side of a busy street, where i was doing 40+ and riding with traffic and told me i should just buy a motorcycle.

i honestly don't really want a "real" motorcycle. something about the pleasure and satisfaction i get out of building the best (and fastest) bikes around out of antique junk bikes and chinese crap engines keeps me happy where i'm at.

if i got a motorcycle, i'd just be another guy in a crowd, or i'd be spending ten times the money to stand out.
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