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Default blueprinting not hotrodding

Well I was working on the bike yesterday and remounted the engine. I bought it already put together and the motor was spaced away from the frame and the mounts broke. Not it's mounted properly on the frame. But once the motor was re mounted, I did a little bit of work to it. I had the carb off of the motor for adjustment and when I looked down the intake and I noticed that there was some casting junk at the bend, obviously restricting flow, so I took off the intake and noticed that the intake is round and the port in the cylinder is square which doesn't look right. Anyways, I removed all the casting flash with a die grinder, smoothed the bend in the intake, and then port matched the intake to the cylinder and smoothed the transition as much as possible. I also removed one of the two head gaskets (are the slant heads supposed to have two for some reason?)

After I got the engine back together it ran so much better! Of course the top end improved but the main thing that impressed me was the increased torque at lower rpm and it's improved hill climbing ability. I figured that none of these things are really hotrodding but rather just outing the engine together the way it's meant to be. They aren't designed to have crap in the intake restricting flow, or to have mismatched ports and I doubt they're supposed to have two head gaskets, so those couple items really makes the motor run much better and I encourage anyone else to make the same improvements.
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