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Default Re: Airflow-constricting flange inside my carb...

Hey it's been several months since I was on this website last, so I never saw the last post on this thread, from Topkick40. As it turns out, he was totally correct - I destroyed the venturi effect within the carburetor, and the engine ran horribly afterwards. Had to buy a new carburetor

But the story gets worse... after I got the new carb set up and runnning, then I decided to port my engine cylinder (dangit - somebody needs to take away my dremel-tool). As you could probably guess, that experience didn't go very well either.

Now I'm engine-less, and it'll be a few more months before I can do anything about it. Next time I will limit my dremel-tooling to simple port-matching, and not attempt to hollow out the entire contents of the engine case!!

Perhaps this sorrowful tale will keep some of you guys from the same mistakes
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