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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

oldtimer - it's not what is said, it's how it's said.

We've no problems at all, in fact we really WANT people to report both the good and the bad about any vendor, sponsor or not - which is why this thread has been here since 2008. The catch is as Terry pointed out, not everyone knows the difference between negative feedback and flaming.

We as staff do not promote or favor businesses just because they're a sponsor, nor does sponsorship garner any additional benefits beyond having a graphic advertisement on this forum. That's all they are too - advertisements, we're not promoting them, they're promoting themselves and us through their sponsorship. Which BTW doesn't cover even a fraction of the cost of running this site so it really doesn't help much other than providing you with choices - choices you'll have to make yourself, using the feedback in this thread should you choose to read it.


Ok, I've found the thread in question: and it's quite clear where it went astray - while we do encourage vendor reviews and feedback, that thread was turning into a mutant customer service thread with both undue personal attacks and borderline excessive promotion of Bikeberry's services. Not to mention it was the wrong section anyway.

While we exist to provide helpful assistance with any type of motorized bicycle - we are not a supplementary customer service department for attempted warranty claims and public disputes. We encourage vendors to assist people with problems encountered with their products, but when it comes down to arguing over wait times and money you're best served by contacting the vendor directly. If that fails - post the results (or lack thereof) here in vendor review so others can learn from your problems, not just attempting to strong arm a business into preferential treatment.

It wasn't the criticism of a sponsor - it was the petty bickering back and forth, evidenced by how that thread was locked and not deleted. It's the drama we want nothing to do with - from either side.

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