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Default Rock Solid Engines

Hi guys. I just installed/ran my 70cc engine from for the first time, and all I can say is it's amazing!

This is my second engine, and the ride is so smooth/quiet, yet powerful. I previously had a chinese 66cc, and it ran pretty loud/slow acceleration. I haven't even broken the engine in yet, and so haven't opened the thottle more than 1/8, so I'm looking forward to breaking it in.

I managed to get the chain to run without the chain tensioner as well! This is great for me as chain tensioners make me want to kill myself. With my 32 tooth sprocket, I idle at about 20km/h, and at a 1/8 throttle turn I do 30km/h (according to my speedo). So I would like to let any Australian riders know that RSE are a great company, and their prodcuts are of great quality.

Once I fully break my engine in I'll give you some speeds.
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