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Default Re: Oil-Gas ratios

I'm pretty new to these engines but I've been running mine at 25:1 with Shell Natilus oil (that's what they had at the nearest gas station) and so far it's working fine. I figure that at 25:1 there is plenty of oil (most quality engines run 50:1) so the type probably doesn't matter nearly as much as if you're running an engine at the leaner ratios.

If you run a two stroke without enough oil it'll make more power for a little while but you'll burn it up and the motor will be toast. If you run it with too much oil it'll make a little less power and it'll foul the spark plug. It's obviously better to err on the rich side.

Maybe with your synthetic oil you could try splitting the difference between 25:1 and 50:1 and go for 32:1 or something? With less oil you'll make more power but you don't want to go with too little.
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