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Default Oil-Gas ratios

Alright, I have a grubee skyhawk 66cc angle fire engine, and the manual that came with it says to use between 16:1 and 20:1 for engine break in, and between 20:1 and 25:1 thereafter. After reading a bunch of posts, I have seen lots of people recommending and/or using mixtures such as 25:1 for break in and 35:1 after. One post spoke of a mixture as lean as 40:1

I have been using about 16:1 for break in, and am nearly complete. After I have used up this tank, I would like to know what mixtures I should/could be using. I'm somewhat new to this game, and don't know all the variables that come into play here. What I do know, is that the quality of oil matters. I asked the sales rep in an auto store for a good quality full synthetic oil, and purchased the following:

PJ1 Goldfire Pro
High RPM 2T 2-stroke oil
50:1 synthetic blend

This oil was somewhat expensive, so I'm pretty sure its a good oil. I don't know what "2t" means, or what 50:1 blend means. Can someone fill me in?

Also can some of the veterans on here give me a yay or nay, on this motor oil, and some tips on what ratios I could be using?

Thanks a bunch!

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