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Default Re: Still having heat problems :(

On another thread yesterday I saw muffler blocked,,,what is your speed up to,,how does it accelerate (Taking your 's and the bike weight into concideration)if ""hot at all oil mixes"",then it does sound to be a psyical or mechanical failing (timing key?but then how strong or weak is it pulling/starting?) Take the muffler to your friendly auto repair garage and try checking aie flow through it,or looking in the ends w/a lite,or a small vaccum w/a hose and listen to air restriction build-up or not comming out the other end.
.......I don't see the cool at WOT entry above(and then was it a winter ride)
.......I got to lean toward muffler after "the same at all oil mix's thing",and "no air leaks"
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