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Default Re: Still having heat problems :(

As far as the bogging out when you throttle up, that sounds like a jet problem. There is a thread here that explains how to fix that. As far as your heat problems I am curious as to what type of oil are you using? I know there are many different types but many say synthetic is the best. I have heard many guys say they use Opti-2 synthetic. I don't know where they get it from or where to purchase it besides the internet, So I use what is available. I get mine from Dollar General $0.80 a bottle Coastal 2 stroke 50:1. I put one bottle to a gallon of fuel and that's how she has been running since day one. The only major problems I have had are basic weak parts supplied with the kit originally, cable, chain, and now the muffler. But nothing major. You have an odd case. Is there a restriction of air flow getting to the engine? I mean are you running a wide fender or something? Can you post some pics? I will be monitoring this thread to see how this goes. We will figure this out and get you rolling again. Have no fear we are on the case.
Hope it Helps. I am also a proud member of the 20 MPH. club
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