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Default Re: Rack-mount engine. Who/What/Where???

Originally Posted by cityevader View Post
Only thing about these is that the mounts to the frame seem incredibly "chengine-like", as if they had a bunch of cheesy clamp-type chain tensioners and figured they'd use them to mount an engine...but the price is better, but the quality seems lacking.
I thought Dax's mounts were a step above the Chinese stuff and you say they look China-like? Since he had to invent the entire mount and drive train himself, one could assume all the parts were American made. I figured if someone was going to say anything, it would be about the Chinese engine, not the mounts. If the Titan only had an engine like a Subaru or Mitsubisihi, he'd almost have the ultimate kit, at least for a rack-mount. But then, he doesn't even have any kits for sale anyway, so it's always something when it comes to these damn bike engines.
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