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Default Re: thick or thin base gasket?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Don't build a engine without the gaskets!! It's just bad business!
I would suggest that you keep the base gasket & go with a thinner head gasket if you want to raise the compression. (Thats only if you're sure you have the piston/ head clearance!)

If you really wanna go crazy... do what Baird did & smooth & match all the inside transfer ports & port match the intake & exaust, & also smooth the inside of the carb. (But keep the gaskets!)

ive already done all the port matching and smoothing and got a bigger carb, sbp exhaust, billet head, shift kit, and getting a balanced crank. all i want to know now is... should i use 2 base gaskets to make it thicker and change the port timing which would make more power or should i use a thinner gasket or even no gasket and just silicone it to make more compression and more power. which would make more power?
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