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Default riding downhill

Hi Folks,
My ride to work is 6.5 miles. About half of the ride is on hilly, and bumpy, backroads. I have a question about going downhill. When I'm going downhill the motor sounds like its racing, so before I get to a downhill part I just lay off the throttle, but if I'm going 20 MPH or faster (I usually cruise at about 20-25 mph) the engine "races" as I'm going downhill. Would it be better to pull in the clutch when going downhill, or would "popping" it back in be too much of a strain on the chain, clutch & motor? And then would it be to much strain on the motor doing that going down a hill and right back up another one. Or should I just not worry about it and keep doing what I have been, just laying off the throttle. What do you guys do going downhill?
I have the 48cc Grubee, installed on a mountain bike.
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