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Default Re: What Have You Done To Me?

Hi Oysterville

I'll have to agree with you: it's scarey how much i want to ride my motored bike.

I've owned a lot of nice things in my life, but nothing gives me so much enjoyment as riding my motorised bicycle, especially when catching up to, and passing a group of Spandex clad cyclists on their $6,000 road racing bikes when beginning a serious hill climb.

They like to make a statement about their professionalism and exclusivity of their social group but it must wear a little thin when i'm passing by without a drop of sweat; whistling away and enjoying the ride, whilst they struggle their guts out, trying to convey the impression of achievement, doing it the hard way.

Some do it the hard way, some do it the smart way, and every time i arrive at my destination looking as fresh as a daisy, albeit smelling like a 2-stroke lawn mower.

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