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Default Re: 4g 2010 Delmar Fatboy

Well Thank you very much for the awesome compliment the answer is an easy one and very common your cc bushing needs to be soaked in 10 30 motor oil for 24hrs and then reinstalled here are some pictures to help you out.

4G Oilite Bushing.jpg this pic just shows exactly what the part looks like it is the one in the middle

27 - Copy.jpg this pic shows the bushing removed and where from

36.jpg this is an animated drawing of just where it is located

Now remove the belt cover loosen the T belt, now remove the belt, at the clutch bell there will be a single bolt remove the bolt and washer, you should now be able to remove the the oil lite bushing or cc bushing what ever you want to call it, now soak it in oil for 24hrs, then reinstall and you will be good to go. by the way there is no question of what the problem is this is the cure I guaranty it
PS sorry for the slow response

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